woensdag 5 januari 2011

Shopping 'haul' 1

Hellooo my dears,

Well as I said I went to shop because the sales has start!!
I went to Hasselt (Limburg). Next week I will go with my mammy to Eindhoven, so my Dutch followers; Waar zijn de beste koopjes? Ik ga waarschijnlijk naar Plaza & Bijenkorf :)
So lovelys if you want see pictures of my shopping haul, pleas click on 'Read More..'

At 1 pm (13 uur) me & my brother go with the bus to Hasselt. We went to Coolcat, Footlocker, theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenn we got into H&M, I really adore that store, you can find anything for anyone, 0-99 years old :D ahaha. No seriously, there are so much beautful stuff. you just have to search for the perfect one for you.

First I saw a grey jacket, and a few blazers. I ran to the fitting room. The grey jacket was wauwww!!

Then I went back and I saw the same jacket BUT in BLACK, I try that on, and it was perfect for me :) It has that pouffy shoulders and a belt. The jacket hasn't buttons but it has a zipper. And it"s so warmmmmmm ..

- It was 60€ but -50%; soooo it cost me 30€ :))

Then I take a beige cardigan, a brown top (in this picture the top look like a grey top, but it isn't) and a dark blue sweater (I don't have a picture with that sweater)

- The cardigan has 4 butons in the front, but you can't see it on the picture. The cardigan was 25€, but I bought it for 10€ !!
- Than the brown top was discounted from 7€ to 3€
- The blue sweater was 10€, i bought it for 5€

I also bought a black cardigan, but this is thinner than the beige one.

Than the accessoryyyyyyyyyyyy!!
I bought 3 accessorys.
The first one; a long necklace with a bowl :D

- Black cardigan; from 30€ to 10€
- Necklace; 5€ to 1€ :))

The second accessory is my earring, it is so cute, it is a silver color.

Then my last accessory is a beige hairband.
Lately I love beige colours :)) can you tell it :p

- The earring was also 1€
- The hairband was I think 2€

This is it for H&M..
After H&M I and my brother went to a few more stores, then we went to 'SISTER' it's a Asian store with low-priced shoes and clothes. But the shoes are wauw, you know :p I just don't had Black winter shoes. So under my black jacket, I must have black shoes, no?
So bought this beautiful girls.

It is just below my knees and at the top it has that white hairy thing. the inside is also hairy.
It's so warm en comfy, I love it..
The shoes were not in sale, but that's no problem.

- The shoes were 25€

So that was my shopping haul..

And this was my look of the day, I took the picture of course after all that shopping of 5 houres :)

See you at the next blogpost :))


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  1. that cardi is fabulous!
    Thank You for visiting my blog and leaving so lovely comment!

    xo Ra

  2. chille blog!(L)

    wil je ons volgen?

  3. waar is die sister winkel ? ik zou er graag eens naartoe gaan (l)

  4. Het is in Hasselt (België) superleuke winkel! x