dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Catrice: Urban Baroque: Lipstick (Review)

Last saturday I went to Kruidvat, a drugstore, and I went to buy 1 thing. And that is my haircoloring product. I've colored my hair in Black-Brown, but is mostly black. It is the first time I colored my hair and I like it :)
Whatever, I also went to the drugstore to see the new collection of Catrice: Urban Baroque
Catrice is a very low-budget brand but there are a few good stuff of that brand..
Vera told us in her video on YouTube that she bought some stuff from the new collection. And she was very satisfied about it. So I check the new collection, and I saw 1 beautiful thing..

I saw this beautiful lipstick!
I am/was searching for a nude lipstick, but I can't find any nude lipstick that I like.. And this was a beautiful color that I like like like ^^

The lipstick is a nude-pink color. It is very good to blend on your lips.

Urban Baroque: C02 Elisabeth is 3,99€

On this picture I swatched Elisabeth :p yayy :D
The left one I swiped just 1 time, on the right one I swiped 5 times :)

If you have pigmented lips like me then you must do the lipstick a few times on your lips, or else you can't see the color perfectly.

& The pictures below are my look of today with this lipstick on

Foundation: Bourjois Healty Mix Foundation
Powder: Mineral Powder in Honey from Essence
Eyeliner: Catrice
Mascara: Maybelline False Lash Effect
Eyeshadow: Catrice; 100 Welcome To Miami Peach
Eyebrow: Essence Eyebrow-kit
Bronzer: Gemey Maybelline Terre Indienne
Lipsssssss: Elisabeth

So, these were my reviews for today.
Tomorrow I will do another 'review' about a product, if I have time!! I have class from 9 am to 5 pm :(


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