dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Gemey Maybelline: Terre Indienne (Review)

Hellooowwwaaa :D
I'm going to tell you all about this love that I bought last week ..

A friend of mine has always that glowy bronzy cheeks and I've always wondered what she use .. At home I was always trying to have that glowy bronzy cheeks. But I always used mat bronzers so I never achieve that glowy finish..
So eventually I asked her :) She said that she use 'that triangle'..
And I know what she referred 'cause in the drugstore
 I saw 'that triangle' a lot. A few days later

And 'that triangle' is Terre Indienne of Gemey Maybelline.
In the 'Colruyt' it costs 9,54€ and in 'Kruidvat' 13,.. €
Of course I bought it from the 'Colruyt' :p

When you open the triangle you see a 'little' circle,
(wtf ahah triangle + circle = Mathematics. Bleeeehh)

So here is a picture where I have this bronzer on. You just need a little bit of the product on your brush.
Can you see how glowy en bronzy it is ????
Hm hmmm ?? :D

I love it so much ^^
Love my little 'TRIANGLE' ahaha :D


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