dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Horror ..

Today my lessons were finished at 11 am, so I came early home and I was bored.
We have digital tv (Telenet) so I want to watch a movie..
You know, I always loved horror movies.. But lately I have a 'after effect' thing :D I'm so scared to walk alone to my room (it is at the loft/ceiling/attic) Grr I hate it.
Well today I saw 2 movies..

The first one: Children of the Corn. It was very creepy when Burton runs away in the corn field :o oefh! I had clam hands, damn..
But the end pfhhhh it was a very stupid end.. I don't like the end..

Well the second one is 'Deadline' were Brittany Murphy plays in. This movie was soooooooo goood!! It scares me so freaking much!
Grr when I saw this I really had scare to go to my room :D haha..

Well lovelys what I want to ask you is did you see these movies? Or do you know any other Horror/Thriller movie, just tell me. I really like to know it :)


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